Brooke P. Miami, FL

The staff here was amazing. I wanted to buy my boyfriend a bike for Xmas, but knew nothing about bikes! Steve and Kareem gave me plenty of time and attention and helped me chose the perfect one. They also helped me out with a SAFE child seat for our 4 year old daughter.

The owner and his staff are incredibly knowledgeable and patient. They were also very friendly and welcoming.

I went back to the shop a few times before I made my purchase, and during the process – found that I wanted a bike for myself too. I mentioned it to my mom in passing – she ended up calling the shop and arranging a surprise for ME! They worked with her and she surprised me with an awesome PINK cruiser – so now I can go on rides with my family!!!!

They were great to me…and GREAT with my Mom. I would highly recommend this shop. It felt the way a great local bike shop should feel!