Speed Bike Biscayne

Speed Bike Biscayne

What is a Speed Bike?

A speed bike, also known as a single-speed bike or a one-speed bike, is a bike that lacks any gears that let riders shift between speeds. While you might think that you need something that goes a lot faster, you might change your mind after looking at the speed bike Biscayne residents have come to enjoy The Biscayne area is one of the most beautiful areas of Florida. Located right across the water from Miami, you’ll find a number of small bridges that let you easily take a trip into the big city. It is also home to Biscayne National Park and some other smaller parks that offer cycling trails and areas that cyclists love. Though some areas have rougher ground that requires a bike with multiple speeds, most areas of Biscayne feature paved roads that are perfect for speed bike riders. If you are looking for top quality products and more performance from your bike, call the experts at The Miami Bike Shop at 305-748-2968.


Looking for Other Bikes?

At The Miami Bike Shop, we know that speed bikes are far from the only thing that shoppers want. A single-speed bike is perfect for those new to the world of bike riders and those who have mobility issues. You can easily ride the bike across the streets of the city and through different parts of Miami-Dade without shifting into different gears or worrying about your speed. If you want to hit the rougher terrain found in the mountains or ride competitively, you need something with a little more power and speed. We offer touring bikes that are perfect for riding across the country or using all across the state, but we also offer high-speed bikes that are great for competitions. Stop in and see what bikes we have for you.

Shopping for Parts

After buying a speed bike Biscayne residents sometimes find that they want to improve the design of their bikes. Others find that their bikes need some simple repairs after they ride if for a few months. Here at The Miami Bike Shop, we provide general maintenance for bikes of different types, including truing of wheels, lubricating the cables and chain and replacing bent frames. We also carry one of the largest selections of bike and cycling accessories that you’ll find in the entire state.

Work with The Miami Bike Shop

Whether you rode bikes your entire life or are new to cycling, you want to work with a trustworthy company. When choosing a new speed bike Biscayne residents routinely choose us. They know that we rent and sell bikes and accessories, but they also know that we will treat them like close friends. Our mechanics will do whatever it takes to repair your bike, and our staff members will go above and beyond to get you an affordable bike that you’ll love. The Miami Bike Shop has a wide selection of high end bikes and bike performance parts and has the best professional bike mechanics in South Florida. For top performance and great prices call us today at 305-748-2968.