Mountain Bike Miami: A Buyers Guide to Mountain Bikes

Buying a Mountain Bike in Miami

When it comes to riding on dirt roads, gravel, trails, or really anything other than asphalt, the mountain bike reigns supreme. Wide tires, proven suspensions and some of the best components offered on the modern day bike couple together to make the mountain bike the ideal off road biking option. If you’re looking to get into the Miami Mountain bike scene you’re going to want to shop smartly.

Here are a few tips to look for when you buy your next mountain bike in Miami:

• A great high-quality full-suspension mountain bike can be had for $2,000 or more. Of course it is possible to get a hard tail (with suspension only in front) or a fully rigid (no suspension) model for less. However be careful because anything that seems like too good a deal usually is because as with savings often comes cheap suspension parts and components, which wear out quickly on rough trails.

• Initially, full-suspension bicycle might seem like the clear choice. Who doesn’t want the plushness of suspension? A hard tail bike or even a fully rigid design can be fine choices if you find that your local trails are mostly smooth and buffed out or if you don’t ever plan on riding anything too technical. Ask around at shops like The Miami Bike Shop about local conditions before you decide. The simplicity of designs with little or no suspension, especially in the economy range, mean there are fewer parts to break.

• If you decide on a mountain bike with suspension, make sure the fork and shock have some sort of rebound adjustment and damping capability, which modulate and slow the speed of return. Without those, the shocks may function like a pogo-stick that will bounce you right off the bike.

• When selecting your new mountain bike ensure it is equipped with components and parts from major bike part manufacturers, such as Shimano, RockShox, Fox, SRAM and WTB. These companies carry options that can equip top end bikes as well as affordable ones. Their budget components generally benefit from trickle-down technology and know-how so they tend to perform great at a variety of price ranges. Avoid brands and manufacturers you’ve never heard of.

• When it comes to gears only one or two chain rings up front respectively, have become fashionable of late and provide the benefits of lighter weight and fewer moving parts to break. However, for those just getting started, those purchasing less expensive bikes (bikes that happen to also usually be heavier), or those who live in the mountains, a standard three-chain ring design up front provides the highest number of gears for easier pedaling. This will make it easier to use your new bike in a variety of different terrains outside of Florida.

• Wheel size has turned into one of the biggest mountain bike debates recently; with bikes built around 26-inch, 27.5-inch (also called 650B), and 29-inch hoops. Though every wheel size has unique advantages and disadvantages, the performance difference of any size are often embellished so it’s safest to pick a bike that feels most comfortable to you no matter what wheel circumference it is.

• If buying a used mountain bike from a third party, perhaps craigslist or a friend, be sure and take the bike to a trained mechanic for an inspection before you purchase. Many times a bike might look to be in great condition, but the wear and tear of riding off road can damage or wear out gears and suspension components. So having an expert examine the bike in advance could save you major money down the line.

Biking is one of the most satisfying sports and recreational activities but mountain biking takes it to an entirely new level. The pro’s at The Miami Bike Shop in South

Florida help professionals and newbies get into the Miami Mountain Bike scene every day. The Miami Bike Shop has a wide selection of high end bikes and bike performance parts and has the best professional bike mechanics in South Florida. If you are interested in learning more about which mountain bike in Miami to buy, you are invited to contact us at 305-901-2434.

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