Bikes Venetian Isles

Bikes Venetian Isles

Finding Your Next Bike

The Miami Bike Shop opened in 2006 and dedicated itself to serving the needs of Miami-Dade residents. When it comes to bikes Venetian Isles residents are a passionate and enthusiastic bunch. Florida is home to several different cycling competitions every year, and several cities across the state also boast fundraising cycling events. In addition to competitions, Miami-Dade locals also love using their bikes for a variety of other reasons. There are a number of commuters living in the city, and those commuters ride their bikes to and from work every day. They might live on one of the Venetian Islands and work across the bridge in Miami, or they might live and work on one of the islands. No matter why you need a bike, we have one for you. If you are looking for top quality products and more performance from your bike, call the experts at The Miami Bike Shop at 305-748-2968.


Need a Rental?

When The Miami Bike Shop first opened, we realized that not all bike enthusiasts wanted to purchase a new bike. After thinking about those shoppers and considering the number of visitors arriving in the Miami-Dade area every day, we decided to open our own rental shop. Our rental bikes run the gamut from professional touring bikes and all-terrain mountain bikes to fitness bikes and road bikes. We have bikes available from Jamis, Miami Niner, Planet Bike, Red Line and dozens of other companies and manufacturers. Let us know what you need a bike for and how long you need a rental, and we’ll work out a rental agreement for you. You can rent a bike for the day, but we also have longer rental agreements available. With one of our rental bikes, you can have fun checking out the nearby state and national parks on your next vacation.

Getting Some Help

Choosing a bike on your own is difficult and you might find yourself purchasing a bike that doesn’t fit your needs. We see a number of people every day who bought a bike from another shop or online and found that the bike fell apart within a few months or needed some expensive repairs. Thanks to the help that we offer, shopping for a bike is easier than ever. When it comes to shopping for bikes Venetian Isles residents can come into The Miami Bike Shop with any questions they might have.

Why Work with The Miami Bike Shop

Want bikes Venetian Isles residents have found to be the most practical, fun and useful to get them across one of the bridges, through the national park, deep into the mountains or anywhere else they want to go? With bikes from all the top manufacturers, thousands of great and fun accessories and trained professionals working behind the counter, you’ll love making a purchase from us. The Miami Bike Shop has a wide selection of high end bikes and bike performance parts and has the best professional bike mechanics in South Florida. For top performance and great prices call us today at 305-748-2968.