Bike Shop Miami

Bike Shop Miami

A Bike Shop in Miami for Everyone

Bike riders sure do love their bikes and the professionals at The Miami Bike Shop have been providing the residents of this great city with great bikes since 2006. Owned and operated by fellow riders, The Miami Bike Shop carries some of today’s hottest bikes and specializes in the newest and most desired rides from Miami Niner and Jamis. Whether you are in the market for a Fixie, cruiser, mountain bike, road bike or something else, we can provide suggestions and insight that will help make your purchase process easier. Unlike the big box stores, The Miami Bike Shop actually knows the difference between a Presta Valve and a Schrader Valve and we are a bike shop in Miami that can handle all of your bike repair needs. From tune ups to full-scale repair jobs, our talented mechanics can also meet all of your bike repair needs. All of the above are why you should make us your bike shop Miami! If you are looking for top quality products and more performance from your bike, call the experts at The Miami Bike Shop at 305-748-2968 or visit us online at

Service Tailored to Your Needs

The riders at The Miami Bike Shop come in all shapes and sizes and we can provide you with insights that will be useful for your build, body type and gender. One of the services that we offer, and that provides riders with an immediate return on investment is a comprehensive fit test that gets your body in the perfect alignment while on the bike. This cuts down on the negative effects of drag and lets you fly through the wind without exerting nearly as much effort as you were before. We also have a highly trained and qualified team of female riders who can offer tips and hints to the sport’s strongest riders who are oftentimes overlooked by many bike shops who simply cannot meet women’s needs.

The Finest Bike Shop in Miami

The Miami Bike Shop loves biking and we also love providing you with an outstanding customer service experience. Bikes are our passion and we can get you on the perfect bike to meet all of your needs today. Our purchasing process is smooth and pressure free and will be an experience that you will not soon forget.

Ride in Today for Service

We invite you to come on down to our shop on Miami Beach and see if we can get you a new bike or some great gear today. Whether you are looking to complete your first triathlon this season or you just want a smoother ride to work, The Miami Bike Shop is the shop of choice for all of the riders throughout the local area. The Miami Bike Shop has a wide selection of high end bikes and bike performance parts and has the best professional bike mechanics in South Florida. For top performance and great prices call us today at 305-748-2968 or visit us online at