Bike Repair Edgewater

Bike Repair Edgewater

Bike Your Way

When you shop big box stores you never know who you’re really dealing with. At The Miami Bike Shop you can rest assured our staff are cycling enthusiasts and have the knowledge to help you choose the right bike and equipment for your use or goals to achieve. If you have the perfect bike but just need some maintenance or repairs to keep it in great condition, we can help there, too for the best service in bike repair Edgewater residents could ask for. We don’t just talk the talk- we cycle the talk! If you are looking for top quality products and more performance from your bike, call the experts at The Miami Bike Shop at 305-748-2968.

Bike Repair Edgewater
Bike Repair Edgewater

Equipment and Fit

Your cycling experience is only enhanced with a great bike and equipment to boost the enjoyment. Cowboys quickly learned pointed toe boots slid easier into stirrups and wide brimmed hats shielded the sun. As a cycling enthusiast, you will soon develop preferences for comfort, too like clothing that doesn’t chafe, a helmet for protection and sunglasses to block glare. We offer products from many manufacturers to get the most from your biking experience. A few of the manufacturers you will find at The Miami Bike Shop include:

  •  Cat Eye,
  •  Marin Bikes
  •  RavX
  •  Tifosi

For the latest technology in matching a cyclist to the proper bike, The Miami Bike Shop is one of only a few centers certified in Retul. Retul collects data on the cyclist as he or she is actually pedaling a bike. The 3D Retul system accurately captures fit data to match a cyclist with the best fit according to how they actually ride a bike.

Your Trusted Partner
Your bike is your trusted partner to enjoy cycling to the utmost. You know your bike well and can tell if it needs an adjustment or service to keep it in A-1 condition. The Miami Bike Shop doesn’t limit its service to new bikes. Professional bicycle mechanics have the skills and training to preserve or repair your bike’s gears and mechanisms. Whether it’s routine maintenance or a major repair your bike deserves the best. Complicated searching for quality bike repair in Edgewater isn’t necessary because The Miami Bike Shop is ready to become another trusted partner for your cycling enjoyment. You won’t have to worry about your bike when left with the well-trained technicians who will treat it with as much care and precision as you do.

Customer Care
Businesses don’t last long if they don’t know how to treat their customers with friendliness and careful attention. Operating since 2006, we have built a solid reputation for great service and customer satisfaction. Our cycling passion is evident in all aspects of our operations. The Miami Bike Shop has a wide selection of high end bikes and bike performance parts as well as having the best professional like mechanics in South Florida. For top performance and great prices call us today at 305-748-2968.